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An all-in-one solution for the management of field service interventions



Transform the way you work

The best mobile form application solution.
Go to 100% paperless, without software development


your field interventions and manage your human resources


all types of data in suitable forms


your data in your IT environment and according to your rules


your data into customized reports in the format of your choice


your activity with adapted dashboards


List of features

Planning of field work

Send requests for field intervention directly to the people concerned, with the appropriate forms.

Take charge of your operations

Quickly transform your employees into field application experts with our custom form and report builder.

Creation of tools appreciated by your teams

Build easy-to-use mobile forms apps that field teams will love to use

Save time and reactivity

Save time by avoiding double data entry. Create intelligent pre-filled forms using conditional logic.

Share data in real time

Implement automated workflows to distribute the collected data to stakeholders and business applications.


Quickly and easily integrate Extractivs with multiple cloud, CRM, and ERP services. Customizable API and development kit

Monitoring information in the field

Visualize all the information with analyses, reports and dashboards. Track field productivity, quality and compliance.

Dashboard and analysis

Analyze data collected in the field, automatically processed and integrated into interactive dashboards.

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