Analyse your business with customisable dashboards

With Extractivs you can collect information in real time, track trends, and make better decisions.


See your data at a glance

Extractivs allows you to quickly and easily create interactive dashboards to consolidate, view and analyze all the data you need to drive your business. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help you track field force productivity, improve quality control and monitor compliance levels.


Scale your business with data-driven decisions

Gain a clear understanding of your end-to-end operation while measuring how effective and efficient your workforce is in real-time.
Increase workforce utilization and customer satisfaction by analyzing scheduling patterns to intelligently improve service delivery.
Extract insights to build new, innovative strategies, workflows, and operational changes.


Connected to your business applications

Hundreds of connectors (office applications, CRM, web and social networks, relational and big data databases, web services, etc.) also make it possible to exploit other data sources and correlate them with the information collected in the field.

We offer you Extractivs

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