Plan your field interventions and manage your resources


Field staff management

With Extractivs, you can efficiently manage your field staff, optimise travel, plan assignments according to urgency and response time, and locate the right resources.

Instantly send schedules and work details from the planning console to field staff via the Extractivs solution. Get immediate confirmation of work so you know if you need to assign another resource.


Automate your processes

Use intelligent planning as a tool to optimise your operations. Extractivs’ scheduling interface allows you to manage complex scheduling processes interactively and fully automatically. You can notify technicians of new jobs, share updated schedules and communicate in real time with any equipment.


Sending tasks to smartphones

Notify workers of new jobs, share updated schedules, and communicate in real-time on any device
Help resources on the road get from one task to another efficiently and effortlessly with optimised routes via the map application.

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